Control, Command and Signalling

Durée du projet

2011 to 2018


CERTIFER’s Service

  • The subsystem is an ETCS level 1 with fill-in function and is an upgrade of the existing signalling and contains TBL1 + functionality (TRU with message transmission by Eurobalises) with reciprocal influence of one system on the other as a point of attention.
  • The ETCS level 1 functions are prescribed in the FRS and SRS (SRS = subset-026 2.3.0). The ETCS LI balance assembly consists of the following hardware/components:
    • Lineside elearonic unit (LUE)
    • Fixed Eurobalise
    • Switchable Eurobalise

Certifer team

  • 1 project manager and 5 experts
  • The mission is carried out in partnership with Lloyd’s Register Rail.

périmètre du projet

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France: CDG express line assessment
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France: bypass of Donges industrial sites
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France : Bretagne Pays-De-La-Loire (BPL) HSL
Evaluation of the TGV POS subsystem in relation to TSI
Baltic Countries: Rail Baltica Project
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Denmark: Ringsted – Fehmarn
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