Concessionária do VLT Carioca S/A


Durée du projet



  • On the occasion of 2016 Summer Olympics hosted by Brasil, the city of Rio de Janeiro launched several projects to meet the mobility needs, including a new tramway line.
  • The Rio de Janeiro tramway is a set of 3 tramway lines located in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil inaugurated and partially opened on 5 June 2016 on a 6km section, two months ahead the Summer Olympic Games. The second 7km-long section opened on the eve of the Olympics. The complete line will reach a length of 28 km and serve 31 stations.
  • The network of Rio de Janeiro have been equipped with 32 ALSTOM Citadis402 low-floor trams carrying 420 passengers each. The tramway of Rio de Janeiro presents a particularity in its infrastructure, using the same method than the tramways of Dubai (UAE) and Bordeaux (France), with a ground-level power supply system (APS) and on-board supercapacitor-based energy storage (SRS) system, both developed by Alstom. There are no overhead lines installed along the entire line.

périmètre du projet

In the framework of this key project for the Summer Olympic Games, CERTIFER and CERTIFER AMERICA LATINA worked closely with the concessionaire VLT Carioca by operating as the Independent Safety Assessor (ISA).

Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) Service

CERTIFER has carried out an ISA mission by ensuring that safety goals of each sub-system is met at all times during its lifetime and by verifying compliance with the regulations, standards and best practices of the system designed and implemented, covering the following aspects:

  • Railway and civil works
  • Rolling stock
  • Power supply Systems
  • Control-Command & Signaling
  • Telecommunications
  • Tramway’s operation and maintenance
  • Global system
  • Urban insertion and roads Signaling
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