Communauté de l’Agglomération Havraise (Operator)


Duration of the project

2009 - 2010

Project's description

The funicular of the coast nicknamed « the twine » connects Gustave Flaubert Street in the lower town to Félix Faure Street on the Coast.
Inaugurated in 1890, it is 343 meters long and has a height difference of 78 meters. Initially steam-powered, it provides only one car with 32 seats and 12 trips per hour.
The line has been in 1911. Damaged by the bombardments in 1944, it was put back into service in 1946 and the downtown station was renovated in 1963.
Today, it has two cabins pulled by a cable on a single track with central siding and carries about 400,000 people per year.

Scope of work

Within the framework of the operation of the Le Havre funicular, both in its current configuration and on the evolution of its electrical installation, the Community of Le Havre has chosen the skills of CERTIFER as a qualified body (EOQA.) to assess the safety of the design, construction and operation of the corresponding guided public transport system.
The EOQA decides on the safety level of the project in its new configuration after requalification of the electrical installations.
In its second look assessment task, the EOQA relies on the results of the inspection missions carried out by the technical controllers attached to the project.

CERTIFER’s service covers the following structural subsystems:

  •  Infrastructure
  •  Control Command and Signalling,
  •  Energy
  •  Rolling Stock

As well as on:

  •  the Safety and Operating Regulations
  •  the Emergency Response Plan