Bordeaux Metropole


Duration of the project

2015- 2017

Project's description

The project concerns the evaluation of the 2016 network of the Bordeaux urban community and interventions on the existing network in service, namely:

  • The realization of a line D between Place des Quinconces and Terminus Cantinolle in Eysines (10 km)
  • The extension of line C between Bégles-Southern
  • Adaptation of the existing network
  • Substantial modifications for this market in UI, approximately 70 service orders for network modifications


Scope of work

This service consists of the evaluation of the following transportation system domains:

  • Infrastructure

Civil engineering – strength
Platform, track and switches and crossings

  • Rail control and signalling

Railway signalling
Fixed and on-board command and control.

  • Energy

Electrical safety
Mechanical strength

  • Rolling stock

Body – rolling – guiding
Traction – braking
On-board electrical safety

  • Urban integration
    – Phase 2 from 2004 to 2008 for 19.6 km + 36 new stations
    – Phase 3 from 2008 to 2020 for 33 km of streetcar
    Phase in progress :
    – Extension of line D to 5 km
    – Modification of existing network
    – Extension of line A airport to 5 km