RATP (Operator)


Durée du projet

2015– 2022


From Les Lilas Town Hall to Rosny-Bois-Perrier stations, the 6 km extension of line 11 includes 5.4 km of commercial operation. The extension of the line will provide the creation of 6 new stops Serge Gainsbourg, Place Carnot, Montreuil-Hospital, La Dhuys, Coteaux-Beauclair and Rosny-Bois-Perrier, including one in viaduct (Coteaux-Beauclair) and a new train maintenance workshop designed to accommodate more metro trains and equipped for the maintenance of last generation equipments.
In order to reduce the wait time, the transport capacity will be 5 cars compared to 4 today, it is also planned that in peak hour, the interval will be 1min45.
With the aim of improving the Parisian public transport network, connections will be created with the E line of the RER (Regional Express Network), the extension of the T1 tramway line in Noisy-le-Sec at Place Carnot, the future station of the M15 line from Grand Paris to Rosny-Bois-Perrier and the bus lines serving the territory.

périmètre du projet

In this project, CERTIFER is working closely with RATP from the design stage to the commissioning of the line. For this, CERTIFER carried out an ISA (French Designated Body) mission by ensuring that the safety goals of a system or sub-system are met taking into account several aspects and assessing their impact on the line as followed:

  •  Global system for the extension of line 11; external, natural and technological risks being taken into account within this framework
  •  Structural subsystems
  •  Infrastructure

Civil engineering: adaptation of the rear station, the aerial part on viaduct, the two new tunnel sections and the
new rear-train station of the new tunnel
Tunnel safety related to the STPG decree of 22/11/2005
The platform, track and track equipment

  •  Electric traction energy
  •  Control-Command and Signalling including:

The OCTYS type system
Central Control Station (CCS)
Rail signalling and control stations in switching zones

  •  Fixed equipment
  •  Operational subsystems

The main activities carried out by CERTIFER include:

  •  Reports on project progress and key risks
  •  Assessment and monitoring of risk analysis throughout the project (from design to commissioning)
  •  Assessment of the Safety Case and the Test Authorization Case
  •  Completion of final assessment reports for each subsystem
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