TECELYS Grand Avignon


Duration of the project

2012 to 2016

Project's description

The planned tramway line is 6 km long and its route is composed of :

  • The commercial part of about 5 km in double track from Saint Roch to Saint Chamand with 10 stations. The terminus of the line is the Saint Chamand station associated with a park and ride facility;
  • A non-commercial section of approximately 1 km allowing trains to access the Operations and Maintenance Center (CDEM). It will be a single track.

Scope of work

This service consists in evaluating the new tramway line of Avignon.
The evaluation concerns the following fields

  • Overall system

Global coherence, system approach
Tramway operation
External risks, natural and technological risks

  • Rolling Stock
  • Control and command and railway signalling
  • Infrastructure

Tracks and switches and crossings
Civil engineering, solidity

  • Electrical traction energy
  • Urban insertion of tramways and Lighted Traffic Signals (LTS)

Certifer team
1 project manager and 13 experts