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06.2020 -


Paris metro line 6 is 17.7 km long and counts 28 stations. It serves monuments and tourist areas mainly in its western section. Beyond the Montparnasse – Bienvenüe station, it aims to connect the liveliest points in the south of the capital. Line 6 is operated by MP73 trains.

New trains coming from line 4 are the trigger of the line 6 modernisation project, which consist of the operation of the coming fleet of MP89CC trains, the implementation of an automatic driving system (OCTYS type 2), a centralized operation with a modernized OCC, adaptations of the infrastructure and adaptations of depot equipment. OCTYS (Open Control of Trains Interchangeable and Integrated System) is an interchangeable CBTC-type automation system. It contributes to improving frequency and increasing the metro availability rate to nearly 100% on line 6. OCTYS carries out the functions of remote operation, enabling the metros to circulate in total safety, and operates the traction and braking systems to move the metros automatically from one station to another.

OCTYS L6 will be implemented in 3 stages between 2021 and 2024.

périmètre du projet

In this context, CERTIFER is involved as Independent Safety Assessor to assess the OCTYS implementation project’s compliance with CENELEC standards.

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