Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)

The scope of the ISA is to demonstrate that your project / system / product will meet safety requirements and it will operate in a safe, sustainable and efficient way by evaluating all the safety aspects. This safety-oriented assessment is carried out in accordance with CENELEC standards.

CENELEC standards

• EN 50126-1 & -2: RAMS
• EN 50128, 50657 & 50716 : Software
• EN 50129: Hardware
• EN 50159-1 & -2: Communication


• Assessment of projects / systems / subsystems / products in the railways field align with the EN 50126 V- cycle life model. The Assessment will be performed along each project’s V-cycle phase.
• Confirmation of SVL and compliance with the standard CENELEC
• Design examination of the product or system

Benefits to your business

• Assessment of design documentation
• Assessment of safety-related documentation
• Assessment of tests strategy and test results
• Assessment of the Safety Case
• Cross-acceptance of reports and certificates from other conformity assessment bodies
• Conducting audits to ensure safety practices are correctly implemented

Issue of ISA reports at each relevant project’s stage

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