Piling, Hoisting & Lifting

Inspection of piling, hoisting, & lifting equipment

With the acquisition of HHC/DRS, our Dutch subsidiary specializing in inspection, certification and testing services for railway construction equipment, as well as lifting and handling equipment, the CERTIFER Group has been able to expand its field of activity beyond the railway sector.

Indeed, CERTIFER performs inspection activities that are not limited to rail-related projects (lifting and elevating equipment, bulk containers, agricultural equipment, garden and park machinery). Our services include both EN-ISO/IEC 17020 accredited and non-accredited inspections.


CERTIFER has an agreement with the Dutch TCVT foundation regarding the implementation of the following guidelines for supervision on the certification of vertical transport:

• W3-01 guideline for the inspection of mobile cranes, truck-mounted cranes and earth-moving machines outfitted as mobile cranes.

• W5 guideline for the inspection of rail infrastructure machines, with or without the addition of local tracks*.

• W6 guideline for the inspection of piling equipment, its use, mounting, as well as periodical inspections.

* In collaboration with the TCVT foundation and local railway companies GVB, HTM, RET and RTU, CERTIFER has developed a certification guideline that can be used to assess maintenance equipment for these various local railway companies in terms of infrastructure compatibility and safe usage thereof.

TCVT Rail infrastructure machines

As of 1 February 2002, rail infrastructure machines have to be inspected by inspection bodies. CERTIFER has been accredited for performing these types of inspections (known under number I141) by the Dutch Accreditation Council, and has entered into an agreement regarding this matter with TCVT, the Dutch body for supervision on the certification of vertical transport.

Rail infrastructure machines operating on decommissioned tracks are special self-propelled vehicles capable of running on these tracks and intended for laying new tracks, replacing tracks, or performing track maintenance.

Some examples of rail infrastructure machines include:

• Rail-based maintenance machines as outlined in EN14033-1/ -2/ -3.
• Road-rail machines, with or without cranes or elevated worker platforms, as outlined in EN15746-1 /-2
• Trailers as outlined in EN15954-1 /-2.
• Demountable machines as outlined in EN 15955-1 /-2.

Thanks to many years of experience and relationships with all rail infrastructure machine manufacturers, CERTIFER is able to perform these inspections with ease, and answer any specific questions you may have about deploying these machines in a professional manner.

Scope under EN-ISO/IEC 17020

• Periodic inspections of of TCVT W601 (piling equipment)
• Periodic inspections of TCVT W3-01 (mobile cranes, truck-mounted cranes and earth-moving machines with a crane function
• Commission / certif ication and periodic inspections of MEWP’s (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms), both for road and rail/road.
• Commission/certif ication and periodic inspections of cranes both for road and rail/road activities

Scope not under accreditation

• Inspection of intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s):
– mobile fuel tanks for project locations,
– ADR,
– Kiwa
• Sample Inspections of VA-keur agricultural equipment / internal transport equipment / garden and park machines
• Inspection of cranes for inland navigation vessels according the ES-TRIN
• Periodic inspection of (hand)work equipment such as electric hand tools or lifting equipment

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