Testing & Test Organisation

To obtain the Authorization for Placing Into Service (APIS), several tests have to be performed in order to validate the nominal operation of the subsystem under real conditions and in interaction with the other subsystems.

Due to multidimensional impacts on human, organisational and technical aspects, the testing activity has to rely on a rigorous organisation.

CERTIFER Germany and Belgium offer a turnkey solution from the assessment, through the test organisation to the obtaining of the commissioning authorization. In the framework of the test organisation.

A Turnkey solution from assessment to commissioning

Our team of experts will support you carrying out of tests, inspections and validations of your vehicles, belonging vehicle components and their software from the beginning. We test the vehicle and safety functions for you directly on your vehicle or in our modern test laboratory.
Furthermore, we take on the role of independent validator and verifier according to EN 50128: 2011 and EN 50657: 2017 for you in the context of software development.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

To guarantee smooth operation, reliability, sustainability and quality of the materials’ performance some upstream inspections have to be done.
Non-destructive-Testing is an inspection method allowing detecting and dimensioning defects in materials without damaging them.

What is the role of the NDT Experts?

The advantage of Non-Destructive-Testing is to carry out inspections without destroying the serviceability of the component by allowing the use of the material/component after our process.

CERTIFER’s experts – qualified from Level I to Level III – are able to identify and propose the most suitable method for the inspection and testing by taking into account the component characteristics, clients’ specifications and standards in force.

With a good knowledge of railway sector and dedicated equipment, CERTIFER performs measurement, testing and assessments through different non-destructive methods.

The inspection can be carried out on wheels, axles, rails, rail welding, drawbar, and other parts of the rail systems.

Try&CERT, on board ETCS laboratory & certification

TRY & CERT is the fruit of the collaboration between SNCF’s Rolling Stock Engineering Center (CIM) which has independent laboratory for the ETCS testing and Certifer Group.

As part of the Automatic Train Protection subsystem installed on the vehicle with the aim of supervising train movements based on signalling system, The on-board ETCS guarantees the safety of traffic in accordance with European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).

Created in 2018, Try&Cert represents a trusted partner for the testing, assessment and certification of on-board ETCS components and components groups.

We optimize your project

The ERTMS France® laboratory, accredited according to ISO 17025 standard with new innovative automatic benches able to process more than 250.000 variables per second, offers the opportunity to rely on the strong French know-how of SNCF’s Rolling Stock Engineering Center (CIM).

By relying on TRY & Cert, you can benefit from optimised practices for testing and certification thanks to integrated process from the early stage of the project.

Smoke & fire campaigns

The European standard (EN 45545-2) and the French standard (NF F16-101) provide a classification system that specifies requirements for fire behavior of railway materials and products by categorizing them in different groups which have to fulfill specific “requirement sets”. The standards also include test methods for laboratories.

Fire behavior agreement

Moreover, the EN ISO/CEI 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” standard imposes the participation of laboratories in a test campaign, which is a prerequisite to be an accredited laboratory. It is on this basis that an independent body has to organize the campaign and only CERTIFER is authorized to organize and assess the fire behavior test campaigns and inter-laboratory comparison in the railway fields.

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