Railways, a cornerstone of modern infrastructure

Railways are subject to a complex regulatory framework that is essential for their continued operation as efficient, safe, and sustainable transportation systems.

CERTIFER works on projects all over the world, with diverse characteristics in terms of regulations, organisation, technical complexity or environment. Our experience in conventional and high-speed rail enables us to deal with a wide range of situations.

Over the years, we have built up our expertise in transport projects on European and international networks. This enables us to be more relevant and to give any new project the benefit of feedback from similar configurations encountered in previous projects. This knowledge, combined with our proven processes over more than 25 years, benefits all new projects.


Thanks to our network of over 500 experts, and our ability to recruit, train and develop our resources, we are able to meet all your requirements, mobilising a highly competent, professional and responsive team for your projects.

Infrastructure managers, operators, contractors, suppliers, CERTIFER supports you throughout the lifecycle of your assets at every stage, from concept, design, manufacture, testing and system integration to operation and maintenance.

Our services

CERTIFER provides a comprehensive set of consultancy and testing, inspection and certification services to support you in gaining knowledge of the regulatory framework and demonstrating compliance of your product, sub-system, project with the applicable requirements:

Inspection &
Certification services

Testing &
Test organisation



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NoBo/DeBo FR/AsBo Services
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DeBo/NoBo/AsBo Services
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NoBo, DeBo and AsBo service
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Evaluation of the TGV POS subsystem in relation to TSI
Baltic Countries: Rail Baltica Project
NoBo/AsBo service
Denmark: Ringsted – Fehmarn
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