our values & commitments

A set of 4 core values guide all members and experts of the group

INTEGRITY, FLEXIBILITY, RESPECT, INNOVATION shape the DNA of CERTIFER Group. These values are reflected in our daily operations around the world and guide us to offer the highest quality of services and make CERTIFER a fully committed company.


CERTIFER Group uncompromisingly adheres to a strong moral and rely on a consistency to ensure our clients and teams the most ethical interactions. We ensure that we act with honesty and transparency.


We are able to adapt to changes in the market, in customers demand and in industry in general.


We carry our activity with consideration for our customers, employees and in accordance with our ethical principles.

Close to innovation

As the mobility sector is a vector of innovation, we encourage the deployment of ambitious projects that have a positive impact on the future evolution of our society.

CERTIFER is committed to social, ethical, and environmental issues


As people are at the heart of our business, CERTIFER makes it a priority to:
• Ensuring the well-being of its employees by offering them an optimised working environment and conditions
• Providing them with the necessary support for their professional development by encouraging them to develop their skills
•Ensuring that human rights are respected. CERTIFER condemns any behaviour that might undermine human dignity and is committed to ensuring that its current or future employees benefit from the same opportunities.


CERTIFER’s ethical commitment is reflected in the maintenance and promotion of fundamental principles: integrity and independence, competence and responsibility, respect for laws and people, social and environmental responsibility, fight against money laundering and tax evasion.

Our Code of Ethics sets out clear rules that apply to all our employees, whatever the nature of their work. Respect the criteria of independence, impartiality, integrity and confidentiality in building relationships of trust with our clients, suppliers and partners are essential to us.


Through its activity, CERTIFER contributes to the development of a safe and eco-responsible mobility.

We also strive to reduce our environmental footprint by implementing concrete actions, such as our Zero Paper Policy, and by promoting more sustainable consumption among our employees.

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