Inspection & Certification

CERTIFER, a market leader in inspection and certification

CERTIFER is a market leader in inspection and certification dedicated to rail systems and guided transport (metros, tramways, high-speed lines). We carry out our rail safety assessments using a network of more than 500 multi-disciplinary assessors with experience in the fields of :

  • Infrastructure and energy
  • Rolling stock
  • Control command and signalling (ETCS, CBTC, etc.)
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Global system

Our recognitions and accreditations

CERTIFER has more than 30 recognitions, 6 notified bodies, more than 10 holding entities and 4 international accreditations (17020A, 17065, 17021 and 17025).

Our inspection and certification services

NoBo / DeBo / AsBo

Notified Body services: independent assessment of products and systems for conformance to interoperability standards. 

Designated Body services: assessment of the compliance with NNTR (Notified National Technical Rules) in different countries​.

Assement Body services: assessment of the correct application of the risk management process and the suitability of its results​.


Independent Safety Assessment services: application of a systematic RAMS management process in the railway sector (products, subsystems)​.


Independent Certification services : assessment that transportation systems conform to client specifications and standards.

Independent Cybersecurity Assessment services: system wide assessment of cyber threats and risks to provide confidence that vulnerability levels are effectively controlled to ensure safe and reliable services.​

Others assignments

Entity in Charge of the Maintenance certification: assessment against the European regulation 2019/779 (OTIF ATMF Annex-A for non-EU Countries). It covers wagon, locomotives, high-speed vehicles, passenger carriages, multiple units, OTMs, etc.​

Quality management system audits certification: assessment according to ISO 9001 covering the maintenance of rolling stock (EA29), the leasing and renting of rolling stock (EA32) and the engineering, manufacturing and testing of hard and software (EA33). 

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