Non-Destructive Testing

What is non-destructive testing?

Given the criticality of the services, the main stakeholders of the Railway Sector, which can be Operators, Infrastructure Managers, and Entities in Charge of Maintenance have to ensure the safety of railway equipment, products and systems.

Hence, in order to guarantee smooth operation, reliability, sustainability and quality of the materials’ performance some upstream inspections have to be done.
Non-destructive-Testing is an inspection method allowing detecting and dimensioning defects in materials without damaging them.

What we offer?

According to client’s need and material to inspect, different types of non destructive testing methods are available:

• Visual Testing (VT) of the material is the most commonly used method for the visual assessment of material discontinuities and imperfection
• Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) where a visible or fluorescent solution is coated to the material in order to penetrate product’s imperfections, which become visible with white light or UV
• Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is carried out by inducing a magnetic field on the surface of a product
• Eddy Current Testing (ET) allows the product’s control by inducing on it to magnetic currents. The flow of eddy currents is analyzed in order to detect imperfections
• Radiographic Testing allows an inspection by use of X-ray: The information recorded in a film is analyzed to detect defects
• Ultrasonic Testing through the transmission of high-frequency sound waves into a material. The sound reflection allows the detection and localization of imperfections

What is the role of NDT experts?

The advantage of Non-Destructive-Testing is to carry out inspections without destroying the serviceability of the component by allowing the use of the material/component after our process.

CERTIFER’s experts – qualified from Level I to Level III – are able to identify and propose the most suitable method for the inspection and testing by taking into account the component characteristics, clients’ specifications and standards in force.

With a good knowledge of railway sector and dedicated equipment, CERTIFER performs measurement, testing and assessments through different non-destructive methods.

The inspection can be carried out on wheels, axles, rails, rail welding, drawbar, and other parts of the rail systems.

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