Sytral (operator)


Duration of the project

2007 - 2013

Project's description

The project consists of the extension of the existing metro line B in Lyon metropolis from Gerland to Oullins:

  • Construction of a tunnel under the Rhone River and a buried stop station in an 1850 meter tunnel under the Rhone River and the A7 freeway
  • The creation of a station buried at a depth of 70 meters, 75 meters by 25 meters
  • Extension of the line by 1.7 km
  • Evaluation of the MPL 75 rolling stock with driver.

Scope of work

Certifer carried out an OQA (Qualified Body) assessment mission to ensure that the safety objective of a system or sub-system was achieved at any time during its life cycle and a mission to verify compliance with regulations, standards and best practices for the system designed and built.

The mission focused on the following aspects:

  • Overall coherence, system approach
  • Operation of the metros
  • External risks, natural and technological risks
  • Rolling stock
  • Command and control and signalling
  • Civil engineering – strength, fire safety, evacuation and emergency response
  • Equipment – fire safety, evacuation and emergency response
  • Platforms, tracks and switches and crossings
  • Electrical traction energy

The main activities performed by Certifer include

  • Quarterly reports on project progress and key risks
  • Risk analysis assessment and monitoring throughout the project (from design to commissioning)
  • Audits of key suppliers and project management
  • Completion of final evaluation reports for each subsystem
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